Landscape Design for Any Outdoor Space

There is something so divine and calming about a beautiful landscape. Landscapes provide a connection to nature and an opportunity to bring the inside beauty of a home to the outside for all to enjoy.

Landscape designs are not necessarily set apart for the extravagant home. Urban apartment spaces, outdoor patios, small condominium window boxes or homes in the country—all spaces can enjoy a little greenery, foliage and special lighting to awaken the senses and draw on the majesty of the great outdoors.

Small spaces – If you live in an apartment or small home where outdoor space is a high-priced commodity, don’t fret. You can build a small landscape and appreciate the outdoors no matter how limited your space. If you have some yard space, consider a well-lit fountain feature or a rose bush that will climb a fence. If a windowsill constitutes your outdoor paradise, potted plants or bonsai trees will fit perfectly. “Grassless” gardens fare very nicely on rooftops as well.

Price – Your landscape need not be expensive. Unless your delight is exotic plants and high-end furnishings, any person on any income level can find beautiful greenery to fill their landscape. Solar lights are also a low-cost alternative to expensive lighting fixtures and save homeowners money on electric bills.

Design – Once you determine your price point and your space constraints, it’s time to select the elements of your design. Imagine what you want to feel when you look at your outdoor elements. If you are landscaping a large yard, consider the night sky and the overall experience you desire with your landscape. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you plan on entertaining in your outdoor space?
Will the space be used for personal relaxation?
Do you like loud colors?
Do you prefer to feel relaxed and calm or fun and energetic in your space?
Are you a low-maintenance person?

If you plan on using the space for entertaining, it’s important to leave room for seating and adequate lighting. Lighting is not only an elegant design element, but it also provides a safe environment for you and your guests.

Next, assess whether you are using the place for relaxation or for fun. Essentially the space can be used for both, but overall the look and feel will lean towards one side of the spectrum. For inspiration, cut out magazine clippings or print out online images of the style you desire for your landscape. Whether a small or big space, you can glean from these resources for design inspiration.

Keep your landscape design simple if you do not want to deal with the hassle of maintenance. If you can hire a professional to maintain your landscape then by all means go for the gold. In the end, regardless of what you choose, you should feel comfortable with the level of maintenance.

Whether a potted plant or an acre of exotic flowers, your landscape is wherever you call home. As long as you feel comfortable with the level of outdoor beauty, any outdoor space can be designed to feel right at home.


Tips on Where to Begin with Landscape Lighting

Congratulations on deciding to beautify your landscape with lighting! Lighting is one of the simpler methods to changing the entire look of a landscape without much effort. The effects can make a huge difference and upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor oasis.

If you are new around here and you are just toying with the idea of adding some elegant lighting to your landscape, you are in the right place. Some people want to jump in and do their entire garden, walkway, patio and surrounding area all at once, while others like to take it one step at a time. In this article, we will cover the three basic areas that are often lit to provide not only a safe environment, but also a dash of elegance and sophistication to any landscape.

Gather Ideas

Before you dive in, gather some ideas and concepts you like. Look through magazines or online websites to discover your personal style and the overall look and feel you want to achieve with your landscape lighting design. Take notes and cut out any pictures you like and collect them to show to a contractor or for your own personal reference when selecting lighting fixtures.


Your prize azaleas and award-winning rose bushes should be highlighted in all of their glory. Lighting can enhance and illuminate the areas on which you want to focus. Our LED Directional Bullet Light is perfect for up-lighting any flower garden, bush or smaller area. The 360 degree rotating shroud offers superior movement so you can change the direction at any time. Solar lights will also work well to accent any garden element.


Walkway lighting is one of the safer methods to achieving a complete landscape lighting design. In addition, walkway lights can add a warm glow to your design and create an elegant path for walking. Too many or too few lights can either be too unsafe or appear too cluttered. Keep the lights at a close enough distance to ensure adequate light for safety reasons without cluttering the walkway with too many fixtures. You can either keep them parallel or stagger them on either side to create a more random look. Use colors to enhance the walkway, such as amber or soft yellows. Be careful not to use too many colors, though, as your design can appear chaotic. One color per walkway will suffice.

Patio or Porch

The patio area allows for extreme creativity since a diverse variation of lighting is available. You can add stair or post lights for safety and a more updated look. Or use decorative lighting on walls or spotlights to accent plants and flowers. The sky’s the limit with what you can add to your porch area. If you take a look at what elements you want to highlight you will have a starting point from which to work. Include safety features as well, for this is one of the most important elements of a landscape.

Landscape Lighting for Smaller Spaces

We often dream of expansive backyards filled with lavish greenery, ornate fountains, koi ponds and babbling brooks. But, some of us barely have enough yard space to hold a garage-store BBQ and a hand-me-down patio set. Should you abandon your dreams of a beautifully lit landscape if your space and your wallet won’t allow it? Never!

Your backyard may not look like it was designed by Rockefeller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few elements to make you feel like a king—even if your castle is far from reality. Outdoor lighting at any scale gives an outdoor area much-needed attention and can make you feel cozy and comfortable as well.

Small Houses and Small Yards

If you own a small house, add some lighting to your outdoor area to make it feel like an additional room of the house. Do you entertain in the space? Guests will appreciate the space and consider it an extension of your home if it is properly lit. Solar-powered lights are inexpensive and work well to light pathways or steps leading to a patch of grass where guests congregate. Additionally, if you have any special features, even if it is a cute bird feeder, consider lighting it to add interest.


If your patio is your only oasis, you are not out of luck. Low voltage or solar lighting provides an adequate amount of illumination without overpowering the area or hedging into your neighbor’s property. Avoid strong spotlights or harsh beams. Install lighting on railing posts or on post caps lining your patio stairs.

Globe patio lights are a beautiful design element for any patio. If your patio is on the large side, consider a single globe light that stands on its own or can be floated in a pool for an extra effect. If space is a concern, use smaller globe lights strung together and extend them in different directions above the patio to create a beautiful ambiance at night.

Porch Light

For all the homeowners or renters out there with miniscule backyard space, there is still hope. Most people have porch lights which help to illuminate the outdoors whether they own a balcony or a one-acre yard. Consider a light that provides maximum illumination for guests and for safety, but also unites the outdoors with the indoor decor to further exemplify your design style. Install the light high enough to illuminate the area but not low enough to glare in people’s faces. Look for lights that cater to your design style like modern, contemporary, mission-style, or Southwestern. Even something as insignificant as a porch light can uplift your outdoor space regardless of how small it is.

You may not own a 10,000 acre estate, ripe with well-landscaped grass and prize rose beds, but you can still make your small space your own with a little effort. Get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to your landscape lighting. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.