Are you mowing your lawn at the right time?


If you’re an early riser and enjoy completing your chores early on a Saturday morning, you may want to hold off on the lawn mowing. We’ve outlined the best times of day to mow your lawn and why.

Early morning

Grass can be wet because of dew, causing your mower to get clogged up. You can rip up grass more easily when it is wet, but lawn disease is more likely to spread when your blades and the lawn are wet. If your turf is too wet, your mower may also leave tracks. So morning is out.

Mid morning

This is a great time of day to mow your lawn, since the dew and irrigation will have dried and the heat hasn’t yet set in. Yes for mid morning!


When the sun is at its peak, mowing can cause your lawn stress. This is also the time of day your grass is busy photosynthesizing and trying to keep in moisture. So midday is also out.

Late afternoon

Again, temperatures will have cooled down, so this is also a great time to mow your lawn. It will also have time to recover before nightfall. Procrastinators, rejoice!


Your lawn needs time to recover before nightfall, so mowing your lawn at this time may cause it damage through fungus and turf diseases. Thankfully you don’t need to worry about disturbing neighbours because evening is not a good time to mow your lawn.

4 tips for spooky Halloween lighting


Want to know the key to creating a spooky outdoor Halloween setting? Lighting and a creative imagination. Whether you’re looking to send shivers up the spine, or create a fun, playful scene, we’ve listed our best tips to decorate your garden in true Halloween style.

Use flood lights for atmosphere

Flood lights are great for creating broad light across an area, or highlighting a specific feature. Pointing the spotlight at props such as skeletons and tombstones will make them glow in the dark for maximum spook-factor! Check out our range of floodlights.

Remember your Halloween path lights

Halloween path lights are perfect for nighttime, as well as having the added benefit of ensuring people don’t trip over decorations or cords. Halloween is the number one excuse to run around and have fun, but it’s important people are safe and can see where they are walking. We have a whole section of path lights on the website.

Make the most of pumpkins

Like Santa Claus, Pumpkins only make an appearance once a year, so why not make the most of them while they’re here and decorate your garden in true Halloween fashion. Whether you opt for a real pumpkin carved by your very own hands, or a plastic glow-in-the-dark alternative, no Halloween scene is complete without one!

Put everything on a timer

If you plan to spend Halloween indoors watching scary movies, you probably want to limit your trips out into the spooky darkness as much as possible. Using an outdoor timer means you don’t have to remember to turn everything on (and off). These also come in handy around the Christmas season too. Shop timers on our website.

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