Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Commercial Spaces

One essential aspect of any location-based or brick-and-mortar business is the outdoor view of your company, including your grounds and signage. In many cases, this will be the first impression that new clients have of your company. While it’s easy to display these features during the day, nighttime viewing is impossible unless you have proper landscape lighting. And with business hours extending well past five o’clock in the afternoon, outdoor lighting is becoming an increasingly important concern for companies. Here’s a list of outdoor lighting ideas to consider for various types of commercial spaces.

Elegant Pathways and Entrances

Make your business look as inviting as possible so new clients feel comfortable visiting your establishment. So, for evening hours, make sure to use beautiful pathway lights that will catch the eye of new customers and make it easy for them to walk to the front door of your establishment.

The front door and windows of your business should always be adequately lit, especially if you operate a retail store. For retail establishments, front entrance lighting not only illuminates the entrance way for potential customers, but it also gives them a better view of your window displays, making a strong impression. Both pathway and entrance lights should be long lasting and provide the best visibility for your clientele.

Additionally, if the pathway to your company has landscaping elements such as bushes or flower beds, it’s important to a combination of flood, well, and directional lights so your customers can enjoy the beauty of your grounds. Make sure to incorporate a variety of lighting techniques to add visual interest to your outdoor space.

Stunning Signage

Whether your establishment is open at night or you simply want to make sure that passers-by take notice of your business, it is essential that your signage is well lit so customers can read it. You can achieve this by using a couple (or more, depending on the size, of well-placed spotlights that clearly show off your signage.

Using landscape lighting to illuminate your signage can prove to be more effective than simply using a sign that features built-in lighting since it is easy to change the position or increase the number of landscape lights depending on weather conditions or times of the year. With most built-in lighting system, this is not yet possible. Additionally, if there are shrubs or other landscaping elements featured around your signage you can use strategically-placed spotlights to highlight both your sign and landscaping.

Outdoor Space Illumination

Whether you have an eatery that features an outdoor bistro area or bar that has an outdoor lounge, it’s crucial that your outdoor space is well-lit so your customers can enjoy their experience. If your outdoor space can be seen from the street, it’s in your best interest for it to look amazing because it can draw new customers to your business.

For an outdoor eatery try combining well lights, flood lights, and the down lighting technique to create an area that is warm and well-lit. Down lights can be especially impressive if your outdoor space features trees or tall bushes. Well lights and floodlights can be used to illuminate walkways, landscape elements, and even the tables themselves.

For outdoor lounge areas you may find that a few well-placed patio lights are all you need to illuminate your space. The beauty of these lights are that they’re not overpowering, so you can always add flameless candles or other lighting options for aesthetics.

Other Things to Consider

  • Whenever possible, choose LED lights for your outdoor lighting since they are the most economical of all the outdoor lighting choices due to their long-lasting nature and energy efficiency.
  • Aside from the aesthetics, your outdoor space should be well-lit in order to keep your customers safe and your company safe from liability.

Have you used any of these outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate your commercial space? Has it improved your bottom line? Tell us about your experience!

Enjoy The Holidays Outdoors

Enjoy The Holidays Outdoors

Holiday celebrations are as varied and unique as the families that celebrate them. Whether you and your family want to enjoy hot cocoa on the patio or roast marshmallows around your fire pit, there are a number ways to celebrate the festive season outdoors. From decoration suggestions to party ideas, here is a list of ways to enjoy the holidays outdoors.

Outdoor Decorating Together

It is always fun and festive to decorate your lawn for the holidays. This year, try making special handmade ornaments with your family and displaying them on a tree or bush outside your house on Christmas Eve. For those with little ones, your ornaments can display holiday messages for Santa. Be sure to use well lighting to create a stunning visual that will accentuate your handcrafted decorations.

Outdoor Patio Gathering

After your festive dinner, your family can meet on the patio for hot drinks and snacks while the little ones play outside. Use a combination of warm decorative white lights and inviting patio lighting to make your patio feel like a Winter Wonderland.

Christmas Film Festival

One creative way to celebrate the holidays outdoors is to hold a Christmas film festival in your yard. You do not need a giant movie screen; simply hang a white bed sheet and connect a projector to your TV or computer. Some great movie choices include It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, along with any of your holiday favorites.

Stories Around the Fire Pit

Instead of a traditional campfire tale why not read a classic Christmas Story to your guests around the fire pit? Whether you choose Twas the Night Before Christmas or A Child’s Christmas in Wales, there is nothing like a fantastic Christmas story to get people in the spirit of the season. Set up a small picnic table of snacks and drinks for your guest to enjoy as well. Use floodlights and path lights so your guests can navigate to your property during your celebration.

Dinner Outdoors

If you happen to be celebrating the holidays in a warmer climate, why not enjoy your holiday meal outdoors? Simply set up a large table on your deck or patio and adorn it with holiday decorations and centerpieces. Be sure to use flameless candles and patio lights to show off your decorations. And if you happen to have an outdoor kitchen, be sure to utilize it during your outdoor holiday celebration.

Other Ways to Enjoy The Holidays Outdoors

  • Viewing your neighbor’s Christmas light displays with your family and friends.
  • Hiding a special Christmas present from Santa outside. This works best if it is an outdoor gift such as a sled or a pair of skis.
  • Having a snowball fight or a snowman making contest on Christmas Eve. The winner gets to open a Christmas present early.
  • Sledding or ice skating

Will you be celebrating the holiday outside this year? Tell us about how you plan to enjoy the festive season outdoors in the comment section.

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Tis’ the season for adorning our homes with beautiful Christmas lights. But with so many decorative options to choose from, it may be hard to narrow down the type of light displays you want to showcase this year. Additionally, if you already have a number of landscape lights, it may be difficult to think of ways of incorporating them into your holiday light show. Here’s a list of outdoor holiday lighting ideas that are sure to help motivate and inspire you.

Brilliant Bushes and Trees

While you can use traditional string lights to decorate trees and bushes, it’s far easier to use net lighting for maximum coverage. If you already use well lights or flood lights to illuminate your trees and bushes, you may want to switch to a lower wattage bulb so that the lighting doesn’t overpower your Christmas lights.

Festive Pathways

Whether you choose to wrap a string of lights around your existing pathway lights or place decorative holiday lanterns next to them, there are many ways to integrate your existing lighting into your holiday display. While warm white lights will naturally blend with any landscape lighting you already have, it is possible to change the bulbs in your existing landscape lighting to colors such as red and green, which will make your pathway more Christmassy.

Decorative Decks and Patios

Whether you decide to embellish your patio with curtain lights or hang decorative icicles off the railing, there are many options when it comes to decorating your decks and patios for the holiday season. If you already have deck or patio lights year-round, you can quickly update them for the holidays by placing them inside decorative lanterns.

Dazzling Doorways

Whether you choose to adorn your doorway with a pre-lit holiday wreath or drape lights around the stair railing of your front porch, a well-lit and decorative entryway is a great way to make your home warm and inviting for your guests. And to add a decorative touch to your porch, try hanging pre-lit snowflakes or garlands.

Other Ideas

  • Decide on a color scheme or theme before you start decorating.
  • Be sure always to use LED lights because they are brighter, last longer, and have less of an impact on your electric bill.
  • Use spotlights to draw attention to any holiday displays will you have on your front lawn.
  • Make sure the lights you choose are waterproof before installing them outdoors.

Are there any other outdoor holiday lighting ideas that we missed? Be sure to share them in the comments section!