Properly Installing your Low-voltage lighting



Where to mount the transformer

The transformer needs to be mounted next to a properly grounded indoor or outdoor outlet.  It must be mounted at least 18″ above the ground if you are placing it outside.  You can mount it on a wall, fence, post,  or other suitable surface.  Continue reading “Properly Installing your Low-voltage lighting”

Choosing Regular 120V Lighting VS 12V Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Regular 120V Lighting VS Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


There are several differences between 120 volt and 12 volt (low voltage) outdoor landscape lighting systems.  For starters, regular voltage systems operate on household 120 volt power and require connections to your home system as with any appliance.  Low voltage landscape lighting systems uses a transformer which lowers the electrical output to the lights.  In this case, special energy saving fixtures are used that can operate efficiently off of a lower voltage.  This is just one example of the differences between the two.  Installation for instance is another. Continue reading “Choosing Regular 120V Lighting VS 12V Low Voltage Landscape Lighting”