Summer Gardening: It’s almost never too late

Just because spring is over doesn’t mean you missed your chance to start or add more color to your garden or landscape. It may be too late to grow sweet peas, as they’re unlikely to survive during the summer, therefore it’s all about knowing which plants will work during the hot months. Below is a list of some beautiful plants that favor being planted in the summer.

New England and New York Aster

Blooming in the late summer and fall, aster comes in a variety of bright colors including reds, pinks, purples, and blues to choose from. They’re low maintenance, love the sun, and perfect for garden beds and borders.

Large beardtongue / Penstemon grandiflorus
Also known as snapdragon and penstemon, is great for the hot summer. They can grow up to 3ft tall and they bloom around mid summer. This plant is great to have if you love hummingbirds too.

Centerville River Cottage Garden planting

These sun-loving flowers bring real beauty into your garden around late summer and fall months, especially since they can come in such a diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Contemporary Cottage Garden teak table and chairs

They’re easy to plant, easy to care for, and easy to love. They’re quick to grow in the sun, and you can choose for them to come in a few different, vibrantly warm colors. Adding some landscape lighting to them would make your garden glow extra bright at nighttime.

Country gardens in Berkshire & Oxfordshire

Since they love the heat it makes them perfect for summer. Adding beautiful purply-blue tones to the garden, they’re easy to care for, and have other uses as well, like lavender tea. Also, they’re really great for the declining bee population. Plus, who can resist that lovely smell?

Villa Terra

These iconic flowers say summer like no other. Sunflowers are exceptionally great as they can withstand harsh dry summers. They also tend to grow fast as they do tall, so make sure you have enough vertical room for them to stretch in your landscape.

Azurri Blue Satin® Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus)

Known for its tropical-ness, it’s another great option for your garden in the summer. They may take a little more maintenance than other summer options, but their blooms are worth it that you’ll want to make sure you show them off at night as well using directional lights.

Indoor Landscaping – How to Make Every Room in Your Home a Flower Haven

A perfect atmosphere, spiced up with flowers adds life to a room. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a floral designer to have a home that is alive with colorful, trendy and inventive arrangements. You can inculcate creativity, personality and your very own signature style by simply doing it yourself.

Flowers practically bring a dull room to life. They are bound to affect a dramatic decorative change to any room in your home. Whether artificial or fresh, beautiful, well arranged flowers often impart a lasting look. To create a gentle mood, fresh flowers often do the trick. How do they do this?

Scientific research has shown that natural elements, whether beautiful flowers or any type of plant, can positively affect the mental and emotional state of a person. The scent and sight of fresh flowers helps not only in enhancing your décor with delightful color and fragrance; but they also lift your spirits leading to less stress and a reduction in negative emotions.

  • Choose colors that will achieve the desired effect

Blue and purple relax the mind; white prompts emotional calming as well as serenity; red helps boost energy levels and yellow stimulates the mind and aids concentration.

  • The Lounge/Sitting Room

Place a few long, narrow elegant vases on the windowsill and fill them with flowers. This will work not only as a decoration but also as a window treatment. Do not forget to remove all the leaves that will fall below the waterline. Cut the stems at an angle so water can be absorbed.

  • In the kitchen

Avoid too many flowers here. Simply fill up a vase with uncooked spaghetti and add flowers. Place a combination of sun-loving plants such as primroses or African violets on the windowsill. Keep the kitchen as simple as you can.

  • In the Bathroom

Place a few stems or fresh flowers or a fragrant bouquet in the bathroom to act as air fresheners. If you have a loved one, spoil him or her with floating rose petals in the bath tub. Feel free to explore new ideas here.

  • In the dining room

Choose flowers for your dining room that will complement your dishes. For an elegant table decoration, a series of crystal clear vases with flowers in twos or threes and surrounded by hints of greenery complement the décor and the mood.

Create a focal point at the center of the dining table by using a cheerful flower arrangement that features lilies, daisies and roses.

  • In the Bedroom

Avoid making your bedroom an ‘organized flower jungle’. Deliciously fragrant flowers such as lilac, lilies and tea roses on a bedside stand make every morning air worthwhile. A lovely vase with a cluster of flowers beside a guest’s bedside table is welcoming and heartwarming.

Use preservatives to make your flowers last longer. They can either be bought or made at home using a mixture of ingredients such as lemon, hydrogen peroxide, carbonate, white vinegar, bleach and water. It’s up to you. Develop a sense of what appeals to you by experimenting with different kinds of flowers and colors!