5 Quirky Summer Garden Party Ideas

5 Quirky Summer Garden Party Ideas

Summer has just begun, and instead of the usual backyard barbecue, you’re dreaming of a quirky garden affair, full of charm and whimsy. Not sure where to start? Fear not, we have put together a list of top five quirky summer garden party ideas to spark your creativity!

Mismatched dinnerware and vintage objects

To create a whimsical, quirky ambiance, you’ll want to leave the dull dinnerware set in the cupboard for this party. Instead, opt for wonderfully mismatched plates, bowls, and cutlery. If you don’t happen to have those lying around your house, it’s just the excuse you need to pop into your favorite thrift store.

While you’re at it, pick up some vintage objects such as odd wind chimes, garden ornaments, and d├ęcor items. For instance, you can use an old wheelbarrow to store your cold refreshments on ice or small decorative birdcages for visual interest.

Bunting, garlands, and pom poms

Nothing says whimsy like bunting, garlands, and pom poms strung up in your backyard. It’s also an excellent opportunity to add a splash of color and character to your garden party. You can create your own colorful ones or find the perfect decorative accessories online or at a party store in your neighborhood. Choose items with quirky patterns; think mustaches, vintage prints, and oddities.

5 Quirky Summer Garden Party Ideas

Lawn games

Indulge everyone’s inner child and up the fun factor by including entertaining lawn games; some options are croquet, bocci balls, cornholes, and giant Jenga. On a budget? You can add some DIY games such as ring toss using spray painted wine or beer bottles from your last party!

Having lawn games at your party will encourage friendly (or fierce) competition among your guests and get people moving and mingling, which makes hosting a breeze.

Photo booth and Polaroids

It’s no exaggeration that guests love photo booths. Just a quick search on Instagram reveals close to 4 million photos with the eponymous hashtag! Skip the expensive rental and have fun creating a unique booth, with the backdrop of your choice and lots of quirky and peculiar props and toys.

If you want to memorialize the party on social media, provide your guests with a catchy hashtag that they can use to share their photos. You can also have a Polaroid or another instant camera handy so that your friends can take a printed souvenir home with them.


The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Use a combination soft rope lighting, well lighting, and strategically placed directional lights to add to the quirky atmosphere and keep the party going.

You’ll want to make sure your photo booth and lawn games areas have ample lighting. Well and directional lights do an excellent job at highlighting specific areas of your garden party while landscape lighting‘s circle spread of warm light is ideal for areas where your guests will be sitting and conversing.

Do you plan on trying out any of these fun summer garden party ideas? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook wall!

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