4 Of The Best Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Try This Summer

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to make your outdoor nest cosy and beautiful. You don’t need to break the bank to give your garden a summer makeover – all it takes is a few simple touches. In this blog post, we bring you our favorite outdoor decorating ideas for summer.

Outdoor Lights Add Charm

We’re a lighting company, so the first recommendation on our list is choosing outdoor lights to add some charm to your garden, and with so many options to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. Landscape lightings are great for trees, pathways, ponds and more, each adding its own personal touch to your outdoor space. You can even get creative with your own DIY lighting projects.

Make The Most Of Your Space

One of the main reasons people choose to do nothing with their garden is because of a lack of space. If you have a small outdoor space, go for a vertical garden, i.e. planting along a wall or fence. This way you can still make your garden look beautiful without creating a cluttered appearance. Summer is also a great time to grow edible plants, such as basil, parsley and mint.

Bird Is The Word

If you dream of birds singing on a Sunday morning, there’s no reason you can’t make this dream a reality. The best way to attract birds? With a bird bath. Concrete bird births are readily available to buy, or you can even craft one yourself collecting platters or plates from your kitchen and painting them. As well as enhancing the beauty of your garden, these will also be shallow and inviting enough for birds wanting to take a dip in the summer sun.

Add An Outdoor Water Fountain

What’s more refreshing on a summer’s day than the soft splash of running water? There are tons of water fountains available to buy, from small hanging fountains to large rock sculptures. Ceramic pot fountains are also perfect if you’re looking for a petite, yet attractive waterfall arrangement.

If you don’t have the budget, you can also get creative and find various DIY outdoor fountain ideas on the web.

What are your favorite outdoor decorating ideas for summer? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Landscape lighting ideas for the BBQ area

Time to fire up the grill for some delicious barbecue! Good outdoor lighting is a must for the outdoor chef or griller. It makes cooking out easier by providing the kind of focused task lighting you need to gauge cooking times. Appropriate outdoor lighting also ensures safety for every one. This way your party doesn’t have to end when the the sun goes down.

Below are few ideas and tips to help you brighten up your barbecue space for the summer.

New West Classic
Photo by Clay Construction Inc.

Step deck lights can provide the much needed safety around stairs in the evening light.

Tropical Landscape

Our round step deck lights have a sleek clean look and provides a warm light spread that can be added to any area.

3013 NE 9th
Photo by Donna Wax, Architect

The uplighting technique achieved by pointing a few directional lights to the plants and trees around the barbecue area can extend that summer evening feel throughout the night.

Classic Patio Renovation
Photo by Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design

Strategic lighting at counter borders and ends provides a subtle elegant look.

Serene Backyard in Surrey with Fire Pit, Eating Area and Built in BBQ
Photo by AZURO Concepts Inc.

Lastly, path area lighting can be used to highlight radial areas for steps, features and walkways.

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