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150W Low Voltage Transformer - BPL150W-12VBK

150W Low Voltage Transformer - BPL150W-12VBK

I now have 3 of these and...

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I now have 3 of these and they work fine. One has been in service since 2008, the other 2 are new as we finally got around to landscaping the back yard. 150 watts is fine for a lot of applications, especially now that LED bulbs consume so little wattage. Unloaded output voltage is a bit over 13 volts, so you can run a fair amount of cable without worrying about voltage drop. (There is only 1 voltage tap, of course -- to be expected at this price.) I have these units mounted in a dry crawl space under my house, so I can't speak to how they would do outside. The only real negatives are: 1. The terminal lugs to attach the cable are both too small for thick low-voltage wire and also hard to screw completely in and out. You are going to want to attach some crimp-on (yellow) lugs to the end of your cable in order to make a good connection. Trying to wrap bare wire around the terminal can be done, but is messy and insecure. 2. We switch these on and off with a light switch in the house than turns 110v on and off to the transformer. When you turn it on, one of the units "thunks" as, I assume, the windings move around while being energized. This doesn't affect operation, but may affect longevity as the wires fatigue from this. (The other 2 I own may thunk too, or this may be unique to this unit. Unfortunately, the way things are set up here I'm not in a position to tell right now.) So yeah, it works, it is inexpensive, it's not the fanciest or most well-built thing out there, but for the price it is hard to beat.

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