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600W Multi Tap Stainless Steel Transformer - 12V - 15V

600W Multi Tap Stainless Steel Transformer - 12V - 15V

Very well built but not very...

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Very well built but not very well packed for shipping to an end user. It's a heavy piece and is shipped in it's factory box that's not up to the task for the shipping weight. I would guess that they come off the pallet from China and a shipping label is applied to ship it to the customer. The rear mounting plate was dented in on both sides and required significant adjustment before I could mount it. It obviously was dropped from more than 2-3 feet above the ground for that to happen. They need to be repackaged and double strapped before going out the door the customer. I did not report it as it was easily fixable and the rest of the case was not damaged or dented. I also did a voltage check of all the output terminals and a check of the timer settings. No apparent damage. With a lifetime warranty, we'll see how it hangs in there. Good build quality and a very well-designed and easy to use on/off/timer function. I like the selectable line voltage output for longer wire runs.

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