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Small Hat Light - BPL 303 Low Voltage Light in Rust Finish

Small Hat Light - BPL 303 Low Voltage Light in Rust Finish

We installed four BPL303 path...

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We installed four BPL303 path lights this Spring, though we purchased them a year before ... its a long story. The lights provide exactly the lighting we hoped for and have worked faultlessly for six months now. They burn two hours nightly on a timer. We live in Wisconsin, so usual Winter snows will cover these lights by the New Year. We will shut them down in late November, cover them with five gallon buckets and wait for next Spring. We expect no issues when we uncover them. We are very happy with our purchase and impressed with the quality of their manufacture, especially, given their comparatively low purchase price. We would recommend these lights to all. We'll be looking into LED replacements for the halogen lamps next year, although we really haven't notice any significant increase in our electric cost -- LEDs are just more efficient (i.e., better for the environment) and should last a lot longer than halogens.

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